5 Gambling Party Games To Make Any Party A Winner

Attain Success at Any Party

Looking to give any event the edge it needs? Add gambling party games into the mix for maximum fun. While these typically involve wagers such as money, shots or dares; you could also use them to transform existing party games into gambling ones!

As part of an easy way to transform any regular game into a gambling party game, make it a team event. For instance, when playing poker divide your guests into teams and bid on who has the best hand – whoever wins gets a prize such as money, shots or candy!

Casino-themed party games like this casino-style party game are ideal for bachelorette parties and are sure to bring out even the shyest player’s competitive nature. It features a series of questions and challenges which must be completed within one minute – from reciting alphabet backwards to picking out Cheerios with toothpick and mouth. Not only is it great fun, but this will help your friends and coworkers get acquainted quickly while providing loads of laughs along the way!

Truth or Dare is an engaging, timeless game to introduce guests to one another and build rapport among your group. Simply draw a card for either truth or dare and have each person select either option before answering any posed questions, answering dares, or challenging someone to do something embarrassing or hazardous (first one who completes either option wins round!).

Set up a clothesline, have each guest attach one bell to it, and have passersby collect bells off of it – the first person who empties all their bells by midnight is declared victorious in this classic gambling game!

Baccarat was one of Ian Fleming’s favorite games for 007 to play in his books and in the James Bond films Dr No, Goldeneye and Thunderball. It’s easily recreated at home and makes an excellent alternative to roulette or craps; no casino takes their cut on winning banker bets!

Elite Casino Events’ Yo! is an engaging visual, non-verbal dice game designed for people who are intimidated by traditional casino games; perfect for kids, elderly individuals and newcomers! Give it a try now here.