How to Decorate a Entertainment Center

how to decorate a entertainment center

An entertainment center is an ideal way to show your personal style through accessories you love. Whether it be themed decor, shapes and textures or personal touches – your display will become the focal point of the room! When planning for an entertainment center display it is important to think through how all the colors and design of furniture, picture frames, storage baskets vases etc will come together into an appealing whole without looking like random mishmash of items thrown together randomly. Planning will also prevent it looking like just another random collection of stuff.

Floating shelves help make an entertainment center feel cleaner and spacious by drawing attention away from any cluttered areas and creating more of an open feel. They’re also great way to showcase trinkets, pictures, or decorations that wouldn’t otherwise fit anywhere in your home – for an added flair you could even paint murals onto them for an eye-catching decoration that stands out.

Many people collect souvenirs and memorabilia from memorable family vacations or favorite hobbies, adding character to any room while taking up valuable space. For an easy solution, store some larger pieces behind cabinet doors while leaving prominent ones out on display on an entertainment center to highlight them.

Utilizing frames with uniform colors and styles will give them a uniform, curated appearance, creating the impression of gallery wall images on shelves or entertainment centers. When arranging them on an entertainment center shelf or display unit, stack taller frames toward the back while layering smaller items in front for a balanced arrangement.

An outdoor plant adds an earthy and natural touch to an entertainment center while helping filter and purify the air. Plus, its presence will spark conversation about your personal style!

If you don’t have much green thumb, why not use fake plants or hanging lights as decor instead? They’re easier to keep alive while adding color and life to any space.

Cluttered entertainment centers can quickly become eyesores. To declutter and create a cleaner look, try hiding some items within its cabinets to declutter. Or opt for installing brick or shiplap wall material on its walls – both are great ways to give your entertainment center an elegant finish! These tips can turn a boring entertainment center into an attractive focal point of any room – happy decorating!