What Are the 5 Cyber Safety Rules?

Modern life is inextricably linked with the Internet. Our computers, laptops, phones, tablets and smart watches play an integral part in daily tasks; as a result, cybercriminals seek ways to exploit our devices and accounts. Therefore it’s crucial that people of all ages understand basic Internet safety rules and implement best cybersecurity practices.

Avoid clickbait and spam emails that request personal data or encourage taking an online survey, as it’s likely an attempt at fraud or identity theft. Clicking on links or downloading attachments could result in malware being installed onto your computer or phone or even stolen personal information from you.

Another rule to keep in mind when sharing personal information online, especially social media platforms such as Facebook. You should never agree to meet anyone you met online even if they have profile pictures and other identifying details – this rule is particularly crucial for children.

Children should be taught to create and protect passwords for all financial accounts they use, such as online banking. Furthermore, public Wi-Fi networks are often insecure and could allow hackers to obtain personal data without authorization.

Screen Time from Apple allows parents to monitor and limit device use for their children, providing important protection from digital addiction and potential exploitation by inappropriate content.

An effective cybersecurity solution should include anti-virus software, firewalls, and VPN services – and be regularly updated according to PCMag. According to their article on it, failing to update software regularly allows hackers to exploit known vulnerabilities in older versions of apps or websites and gain entry.

An effective cybersecurity solution should include a team of experts ready to answer questions and resolve issues quickly. Clario provides real-time antivirus protection for Android and macOS, an unlimited VPN service with anti-tracking features, an ad blocker with anti-tracking, as well as a comprehensive security report free of charge.

Follow these simple rules to protect you and your family from many of the most prevalent cyber threats, but they shouldn’t serve as a replacement for a comprehensive cybersecurity solution like Clario’s products page or contact us now for a demo – we look forward to meeting you!