How to get Free Chips in Pop Slots Game App

Pop Slots is an entertaining social casino game with free-to-play casino elements. Users compete against each other for rewards at real MGM Resorts properties using chips as in-game currency; to gain more chips you can claim time bonuses, level up quickly or complete in-game challenges to increase your bankroll without spending money!

Start off right by collecting some free chips – simply visit the official website and click “Collect Free Chips”, redirected to mobile app, then start playing – each amount may differ, but should provide enough material for some games!

Another way to earn free chips is by logging in daily, watching ads or signing up for email rewards. Referring friends also allows you to gain extra chips; just be careful not to acquire too many freebies that could drain all your real cash!

One effective strategy to maintain your account balance is using a stop-loss limit. You can customize this point in the settings of the game so it will notify when it’s time for you to stop your current session after experiencing certain losses, giving you time to save some of your chips until it’s time to return.

POP! Slots differs from traditional social casino games in that you don’t earn loyalty points when spinning; rather, every two hours, a shareable balloon will drop with small chips and experience. Furthermore, you may earn even more freebies by completing in-game challenges.

Third-party apps offering free Pop Slots coins may be harmful to your computer or phone, especially when they require you to opt-in and share information with untrustworthy entities, potentially installing malware onto it as well. Therefore, it’s wise to be wary when selecting apps promising free Pop Slots coins.

Add another way to secure free chips by linking your Facebook and Pop Slots accounts – this way you’ll be able to transfer chips between accounts if ever stuck, plus gain access to special offers only available through Facebook – especially helpful if trying for big jackpots! It also makes sense to link with your phone number for notifications when friends or other players leave messages in Pop Slots; this will keep you connected with the community while making new connections – meaning no lonely gaming sessions!

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