How to Play Let It Ride Casino Game

how to play let it ride casino game

Let it ride is a casino table game in which players place bets to create the best poker hand from their three cards and two community cards from the dealer. Due to its potential high payouts and leisurely pace, Let it Ride has quickly become one of the most beloved table game options.

How to Play Let It Ride

Let it Ride is an incredibly straightforward game with easy rules that can be learned in no time at all. First, each player makes an equal-sized bet before the dealer deals each of them three cards face down face down and places the first of the community cards in a designated area on the table face down. Players then either ask for their second bet back or they can “Let It Ride”, in which case their cards should be tucked underneath their second bet.

Once a second community card has been revealed, players can once more decide to withdraw their bet or “Let It Ride”. After making their choice, a dealer will reveal one of the remaining community cards and determine whether their remaining wager will be returned according to a standard payout table; otherwise it will all go back into the house’s coffers.

Though casinos’ pay tables may differ slightly, most follow a similar structure. A pair of 10s typically provides the lowest payout; winning hands contain at least this minimum number.

John Breeding is widely recognized for inventing the card shuffling machine that would become Shuffle Master Inc’s card shufflers. A truck driver, John decided to drop out and focus on developing his machine full-time by 1993 – it quickly became a fixture at casinos worldwide and even inspired Let It Ride poker!

Popularity of this game has skyrocketed since it offers players an opportunity for large payouts while providing control of their own bankroll. Furthermore, as traditional poker hands rather than against a dealer are played instead, players often feel more at ease in this format of game play.

Before embarking on any game of poker, it’s crucial to grasp its basic strategy. Your goal should be to combine your three cards with two community cards into a winning hand of at least a pair of tens. Players don’t compete against other players or the dealer directly so there can be much camaraderie. But betting wisely remains essential; taking out too much will decrease your odds of scoring a high winning hand so make sure at least half your bet remains active until there’s good reason to change course.