How to Win the Big Game Lottery

how to win the big game lottery

People spend lots of money buying lottery tickets to increase their odds of winning the big game lottery, yet chances remain quite remote – the odds against you being 1:258,900,000. While there may be ways you can increase your chances, they are much greater chances that being attacked by sharks or struck by lightning will occur than winning it all!

Some popular lottery tips involve selecting numbers based on significant dates such as birthdays or the ages of family members, but while this might make you feel lucky, Harvard statistics professor Mark Glickman notes that doing this actually decreases your odds of winning the jackpot. That is because when picking an already popular number from many people (for instance a birthday number is likely picked by many others as well), then splitting up the prize will occur between all of those involved; hence the benefits of picking random numbers or using Quick Picks instead.

As with choosing any winning numbers, it is wise to combine both high and low numbers when selecting them, since most winning combinations include both types. Furthermore, avoid selecting all single digit numbers or those ending in seven, since these have less of a chance of hitting. Smart Luck strategies may help you discover the ideal numbers for your game.