How to Play the New Kentucky Lottery Game Quick Bucks

how to play new kentucky lottery game quick bucks

The Kentucky Lottery offers many exciting games, from classic lottery draws to instant win games. Their app makes it simple and user-friendly to find games, buy tickets, track results and manage personal spending limits – plus promos and giveaways without visiting retailers! Players can even set daily, weekly and monthly deposit limits to promote responsible gambling!

Quick Bucks lottery game marks a return of nightly drawing games after seven years, offering players up to $50,000 by matching all five winning numbers on its lottery tickets. It joins other popular nightly draws such as Pick 3, Pick 4, Cash Ball 225 and 5 Card Cash games which are drawn each evening and can be found at all participating Lottery retailers.

Kentucky Lottery proceeds are dedicated to educational access programs, such as the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship and Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority. These funds have helped countless students realize their college dreams. Kentucky has recently increased prize payouts for Powerball and Mega Millions games; along with big jackpot wins there have also been smaller prizes won throughout the year.

If you want to take part in Kentucky lottery game Quick Bucks, selecting numbers carefully is of utmost importance. A mix of odd and even numbers with odds 3/1, 2/2 or 1/3 offers you better chances.

Playing the new Kentucky Lottery can be done many ways, but one of the easiest and best is visiting one of Kentucky Lottery retailers and asking for a Fast Play ticket from terminal-generated draws (up to 14 consecutive draws can be purchased for just one $1 Fast Play ticket) which you can then add on an Xtra add-on multiplier that increases winnings when matching three or four numbers.

The Kentucky Lottery provides over 60 instant-win games, such as Keno and Cash Pop, for players to choose from in addition to its variety of lottery games. Their App makes purchasing tickets easy while managing accounts from anywhere – whether at home or away from the computer – while there is also a mobile website providing the same functionality.

The Kentucky Lottery’s Fast Play games offer terminal-generated instant cash prizes with progressive jackpots beginning at $10,000 and increasing with every ticket purchased. Jackpots are displayed on each terminal as well as printed on tickets – unlike Powerball or Mega Millions where winners split the pot equally – however these Kentucky Lottery Fast Play jackpots are shared among all winners, unlike their counterparts like Powerball or Mega Millions where winners must all share in equal proportion.

The Kentucky Lottery is a government-backed enterprise offering scratch-off and drawing games at all participating retail locations as well as online. Their gaming website features video poker, keno and bingo as well as being the sponsor for Big E Lottery which boasts some of the biggest jackpots in America.