Is Herbal Tea Against the Word of Wisdom?

is herbal tea against the word of wisdom

As part of a healthy diet, herbal tea is an ideal beverage to include as part of one’s regimen. Not only can it offer light hydration without excess calories or sodium intake, it can also improve skin, digestion and immunity systems while strengthening immune defenses. Yet some may fear that drinking herbal tea may conflict with Scripture or contradict Biblical Wisdom.

The Word of Wisdom is the official health code of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Joseph Smith received this divine law on February 27, 1833 and it can be found as Section 89 in Doctrine and Covenants, its official scripture. The Word of Wisdom prohibits certain foods while suggesting others. Understanding its purpose will enable you to make wise choices regarding your diet.

Latter-day Saints often ask if the Word of Wisdom addresses coffee or tea consumption. Yes. According to revelation, these beverages should not be considered healthful.

However, due to its wording, this revelation leaves it up to individuals within the church as to how they will interpret it and apply it. Some have pointed out that God did not forbid coffee because of health reasons – instead it made more sense that early church members continued drinking it prior to learning of its link with heart disease.

Other individuals have misunderstood the wording of this revelation as being contradictory to herbal tea. However, this interpretation is inaccurate as the church does not prohibit all beverages but only those from the camellia sinensis plant which produces black, green and white tea; drinks like chai mocha latte espresso typically contain coffee; however teas such as mint, hibiscus, chamomile and lemongrass do not belong in this category.

Some teas have specific medicinal benefits, like echinacea for fighting colds or dandelion root for aiding in digestion or peppermint to relieve nausea or chamomile to relax. There are many advantages of drinking herbal tea such as providing hydration, soothing throat discomfort and improving mental wellness; it is however essential to select one suitable for you and avoid those which could harm your health.

Most sources of information confirm that it is permissible for Mormons to enjoy herbal tea. If you’re uncertain, speak with your bishop or another leader for additional guidance and always consider the spirit rather than letter of the Word of Wisdom; for instance if you are experiencing depression or anxiety it would not be wise to self-medicate with self-meditation herbs like Kava without seeking professional medical advice first.