How to Organize a Poker Run

is a poker run gambling florida

Florida has long been known to regulate gambling, and poker is no exception. While Florida does not outright ban the game, they do regulate online gaming and prohibit certain activities that could lead to illegal gambling. A casual night of poker at your friend’s house usually does not cross into illegal gambling territory but engaging in activities with an impactful impact or financial repercussions can bring criminal charges – that is why it is wise to consult a Miami criminal defense lawyer prior to participating in any type of gambling activity like poker runs.

A poker run is a charitable motorcycle event in which participants ride to various checkpoints where they draw cards at each station, hoping for the best five-card poker hand or decorating their vehicle the most effectively. In general, this person will be declared the winner; however, prizes may also be awarded for other categories, like worst poker hand or most colorfully decorated vehicle.

Planning a poker run can be a time-consuming and complex endeavor, requiring considerable consideration, planning, and dedication from its organizers. To start the planning process off right, organizers should select an organization or charity which will benefit from any funds raised at their event, then secure all permits and insurance for it as well as finding sponsors to cover part of its costs for prizes, insurance, etc.

Next comes designing the route for the poker run. This should be scenic yet safe for all participants and include as many checkpoints as possible. Furthermore, organizers should ensure that it does not deviate too far from home to increase participation rates and finally to ensure all participants enjoy themselves on their journeys.

Florida residents can enjoy legal online gambling via some of Florida’s premier sportsbooks, in addition to casinos and live betting options. While Florida’s two United States Senators, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, oppose such forms of gaming; many Floridians nevertheless still engage in it via trustworthy, legitimate, regulated sites.

Ron DeSantis, Florida’s new Governor, is not supportive of online gambling; negotiations for a new compact between tribal leaders and state lawmakers stalled midway through 2019. However, Florida is home to the Seminole tribe’s own online gambling platform offering real money games; moreover there are legal, licensed US poker sites which provide quick money access and secured banking solutions supervised by third-party regulators with excellent track records in the industry.

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