Why Should Health Care Be Free?

Health care in the US continues to spark heated discussions as Americans grapple with high cost medical treatments, an aging population and chronic disease outbreaks. Proponents of universal healthcare believe that switching to a single payer system would decrease costs and administrative inefficiency while improving patient outcomes and eliminating disparities in accessing care between income groups. Healthcare and medicine should not be confused, since one refers to care provided by trained doctors while the latter covers activities that promote an individual’s overall well-being, including diet, exercise and stress management.

The first attempt to establish a universal healthcare system dates back to 1912 when Republican President Theodore Roosevelt ran on a platform including creating a national health service. Although Roosevelt lost, his initiative planted seeds of understanding among citizens regarding access to quality and affordable health care as being essential human rights.

Over the following century, numerous attempts were made at implementing universal health coverage; however, due to political and economic barriers it never fully materialised. A key obstacle was funding such an ambitious program due to high treatment costs, compounded with modern pharmaceuticals and technology further increasing potential costs associated with providing such services.

Universal health coverage presents another potential problem in that it could lead to reduced quality medical services. This could occur as healthcare industries reduce standards to cover all costs, leading to longer wait times and reduced options available to consumers.

One major drawback of universal healthcare is that it may restrict individuals from choosing what type of health insurance plan to purchase. Private health insurers allow consumers to shop around for the best deal and select coverage type; while a government-run single payer system would likely limit this choice by forcing all citizens under its umbrella plan.

Libertarians generally believe that government should stay out of healthcare entirely and allow it to function like a free market, allowing individual patients and policy holders to select what services and policies they wish to purchase. They believe this form of marketplace produces superior goods because consumers can select and purchase those products or services which offer them maximum value for their dollar.

Libertarians emphasize that accessing affordable healthcare is a fundamental human right and it would be unacceptible for people to be forced into work that exposes them to abusive working conditions simply so as to retain health coverage required by law under most employer-based health plans.